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Mastering Medicinal Mushrooms


Build a strong foundation!

This module sets the scene for understanding why and how to use mushrooms in clinical practice. Comprehensive review and discussion of all bioactive constituents. Learn key issues relating to quality and how select effective products. Learn how to use 10 key medicinal mushrooms Understand how medicinal mushrooms impact human health.


Get intimate with your mushrooms! Nine clinically relevant medicinal mushrooms are examined and discussed in detail, including key constituents, physiological actions, health indications, mechanisms of action, clinical trials, and clinical application. 9 x 90 mins sessions. Enrol in all 9 or choose the ones you want!


Putting it all together for effective outcomes! Integrating mushrooms with herbal therapy for specific conditions. Incl, immune system health, metabolic syndrome, NAFLD, gastrointestinal dysbiosis, cytoprotection, healthy ageing, stress, neurological health, CVD, skin health and more. 6 x 90 minutes session per year. Enrol in all 6 or choose the ones you want!

Course Description

Awareness of the remarkable health benefits and healing power of medicinal mushrooms is increasing. Yet for many natural medicine practitioners, the clinical application of medicinal mushrooms remains underappreciated and under-utilized.

Mastering Medicinal Mushrooms (MMM) provides you with the knowledge you need to incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your clinical practice with confidence and success.

MMM is comprehensive, clinically relevant, and up to date. It integrates the latest scientific research and current bio-medical thinking with traditional practice and presents a contemporary framework for clinical application of medicinal mushrooms in a broad range of conditions.

MMM is designed with the natural medicine practitioner in mind and provides the perfect springboard to using mushrooms in synergy with herbal and nutritional therapy.

The self-paced and self-guided learning format caters for all student levels, from novice to advanced.

Due to the substantial amount of information involved, the course is offered as three separate learning modules.


The three modules are designed to be undertaken sequentially but can be taken as standalone modules depending on the needs of the learner.

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